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3 October 2017

What Companies Should Know About Swiss Immigration: Q&A Overview

Whether you are a company based in Switzerland, or a company based abroad hoping to send employees to Switzerland for work, understanding the applicable Swiss immigration requirements is crucial. We have taken some of the most common questions that arise in our area of work and put together a short Q&A blog to help companies understand some of the most key requirements under Swiss immigration law. Read on to learn more!


In order to help companies understand some of the most key requirements under Swiss immigration law, we have compiled a Q&A overview that touches upon the following questions:

  1. Who needs work authorisation in order to carry out work activities in Switzerland?
  2. I work at a company based outside of Switzerland, and we would like to send one of our Non EU employees to Switzerland on assignment to work for a certain period of time at our company's Swiss branch office. What do we need to do?
  3. I work at a Swiss company, and we would like to hire a Non EU national on a local Swiss employment contract. What do we need to do?
  4. Is it true that for EU nationals wanting to work in Switzerland, no work permit application is required?
  5. What are the current immigration requirements with regard to Bulgarian, Romanian, and Croatian citizens?

 Please click on the button below to download the Q&A.

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