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Trends in HR from a legal perspective

Posted by on 8 October 2019

Work relationships are changing significantly so that we may even speak of an HR transformation. 

HR-Transformation-FroriepIn this episode of LexCast hosted by Froriep, we are going to hear from our employment law expert Polia Rusca on issues such as global mobility, remote work and more flexible employment relationships.



To stay updated on employment law issues and to get a better insight into current HR trends also check out our HR-Circle.


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Topics: Corporate & Commercial | Employment

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Polia Rusca

Polia Rusca's practice focuses on litigation matters and employment law. Before joining us, Polia Rusca was a trainee lawyer with a business law firm in Zurich and also worked at the district court of Horgen. She studied at the University of Zurich and graduated with Master of Laws in 2013. She was admitted to the Bar in 2016. Her working languages are German and English.

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Cornelia Mattig

Cornelia Mattig specialises in data protection and intellectual property law, as well as corporate and commercial law issues. Cornelia Mattig joined Froriep as an associate in 2018. Before joining Froriep, Cornelia Mattig trained with firms in Ireland, Germany and Switzerland as well as at the District Court of March in the Canton of Schwyz. After she passed the Bar exam in the Canton of Schwyz, she worked as a notary public and lawyer in an accounting and auditing firm. She graduated from the University of Zurich with a Master of Law (Business Law) in 2014 before obtaining her LL.M. in European Law at Queen Mary University of London in 2017. She was admitted to the Bar in 2018. She also holds a Data Protection Officer Certificate from the University of Maastricht. Her working languages are German and English.

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