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PD Dr. Gregor Wild | Rentsch Partner

The professional activity of Gregor Wild focuses on copyright, trademark and design law and related contractual and procedural questions. His expertise primarily extents to Swiss and international Intellectual Property Law, in particular to the representation before the Federal IPI, Swiss Courts and the WIPO. Gregor Wild has global experience under more than 70 jurisdictions where he constantly collaborates with local experts. He has acquired special knowledge in relation with transnational registrations and IP-portfolios. Questions of publicity and registers are building the focus of his academic activities. After his thesis in copyright law and his employment in the trademark division of the Swiss IPI Gregor Wild has joined RENTSCH PARTNER IN 2002. He is a member of the Special Commission of Intellectual Property Rights of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (sia) and lecturer for Private Law at the University of Lucerne. By 1 January 2012 he was elected by the Swiss Federal Council as a member of the Federal Arbitration Board for Exploitation of Author’s and Neighboring Rights (ESchK).

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Trademark Protection for Blockchain?

Posted by on 22 May 2018

It lies in the nature of the blockchain technology that the control and securing of blockchain transactions have a non-proprietary character. The decentralisation of the system shall furthermore guarantee the stability and consistency of this decentralised trust “sphere”. Starting with this characterisation, it seems at first sight to be paradox to openly think about the question, whether trademark rights could play a valuable role in the “blockchain community".

Topics: Intellectual Property , Disruptive Technologies

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