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Dany Vogel | Rentsch Partner

Dany Vogel works as a patent attorney focusing on electrical, computer and information technologies. He has particular expertise in computer software which covers a broad spectrum including telecommunications, digital signal, image and information processing, medical and control engineering, cryptography, Blockchain, Fintech, and computer-implemented business methods.

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Philip Kerpen | Rentsch Partner

Philip Kerpen works as a patent engineer focusing on physics, semi-conductor technology and computer and information technology, especially the areas of measurement and control engineering, cryptography, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and blockchain.

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How to Protect your AI Innovations with a Patent: Updated EPO Guidelines

Posted by on 10 October 2019

Software has become ubiquitous: it has reached almost all areas of industry and commerce. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular are game-changers – fueled by more data and faster hardware they show no signs of slowing down. Ever increasingly it is the software component of products and services which plays the decisive role in determining their success. In fact, a strong integration of software into your products can end up changing your business model.

The purpose of this blog post is to go through the part of the updated Guidelines of the European Patent Office (EPO) which relate to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The updated Guidelines will come into effect on the 1 November 2019 and they will be used by the EPO during the examination of patent applications. It is also our aim to bring across the basics of patenting AI inventions with some practical tips and strategies.

Topics: Intellectual Property

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