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Dr. Anne Laure Bandle

Anne Laure joined us in August 2015 as a trainee lawyer. She advises individuals, companies and foundations on art issues such as sale, transport, loans, copyright, consumer rights, and cross-border transactions. She also assists on general corporate and commercial matters. Moreover, Anne Laure is a director of the Art Law Foundation, a Foundation based in Geneva which aims at supporting teaching and research in art law by means of several events per year and publications dedicated to the various facets of art and cultural heritage law. She is a lecturer in copyright and art law at the University of Fribourg and a guest lecturer in art and cultural heritage law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Anne Laure studied Law at the University of Fribourg where she obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degree. She then worked as teaching and research assistant at the Art-Law Centre of the University of Geneva. Anne Laure holds a PhD in Law from the University of Geneva and a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, accredited by the UK National Higher Education Academy. She is a member of the In-ternational Bar Association Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee and of the Geneva Bar Association. Her mother tongues are French, German and Swiss German. She is also fluent in English.

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Show me your contract! A look into the legal relationships at art auctions

Posted by on 16 October 2016

Art auctions are a fascinating marketplace, gathering collectors from across the globe and offering collectibles for sale which would otherwise only be displayed in museums. Not only for market actors, but also for lawyers auction sales are a unique way of dealing.

Topics: Corporate & Commercial , Art Law

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