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10 February 2017

Swissness : Improved Protection of Swiss Branding

In a society where the origin of products is decisive, Switzerland enjoys an excellent reputation which extends far beyond its borders. For this reason, "Swiss made" is a guarantee of tradition, quality and exclusivity. It is therefore not surprising that the products associated with Switzerland possess a certain prestige and renown that directly influence the decisions of consumers.

Froriep-Frederic-Serra-Talia-Wigger.jpgFurthermore, the competitive advantage is considerable: Swiss products are generally sold at a higher price than comparable products from competitor countries. This is an economic advantage which represents up to 20% of the sale price of natural agricultural products and up to 50% of that of luxury items (see studies of EPFZ 2008 and the University of St. Gallen et al. 2008, 2010, 2013 documents only available in german).

Unsurprisingly, the success of the brand "made in Switzerland" has led to a number of abuses. This misleading use undoubtedly puts the credibility of Swiss origin in danger and results in the Swiss brand losing value. This worrying development caused the parliament to adopt the so-called "Swissness" regulations.

We have prepared a pdf for you, which examines the following points:

  1. Indications of Origin
  2. Swiss Cross and other Public Insignia
  3. The Register of Geographic Indications and the Geographic Brand
  4. New Penalties
With the legal details that it contains, the Swissness legislation will undoubtedly bring a great amount of clarity with regard to the authorized use of "Swiss branding" and national emblems. By clearly setting out the conditions of use, the new regulation aims to prevent misleading uses and thus ensure the sustainability of the renowned Swiss brand.

Please click on the button below to download the pdf.

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Read this article in french: Swissness : une meilleure protection du Swiss branding

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