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12 December 2017

Q&A: 52 Years of Condominium Ownership in the Swiss Civil Code | 52 Questions & Answers

It has been 52 years since condominium ownership was established by law in Switzerland. As an alternative to buying one's own house, it has since then become an institution in Switzerland. Nevertheless, there are still many questions concerning condominium owner-ship that often give rise to disputes between condominium owners.


In contrast to the owner of a house, a condominium owner is not allowed to do anything that he or she wishes, but rather has to take into account the other condominium owners - at least if the exterior appearance of the building is affected.
This Q&A is designed to provide a good overview of condominium ownership and the rights and obligations of individual condominium owners and to provide tips on buying condominium property.

We have covered the following points for you in the Q&A:

  1. General information on condominiums
  2. Rights and obligations of condominium owners
  3. The organisation of condominium owners
  4. Costs of the condominium owners' association
  5. The renovation fund
  6. Liability and assurance
  7. Dissolution of the condominium owners' association
  8. Sale of condominiums

Click on the button below to download the PDF (13 pages):

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