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22 July 2020

LexCast: Shareholder Agreement for Startups: Transfer Restrictions 101

Startups often forget to incorporate appropriate transfer restrictions in their shareholder agreements. In our conversation with Juan Fernando Baron of Rele.ai, we are exploring the various forms of transfer restrictions, such as the right of first refusal, drag-along and tag-along rights, purchase options with triggering events as well as permitted transfers, and are discussing the benefits of incorporating them into a startup's shareholder agreement early on.

Listen to our LexCast to refresh your memory on the various types of transfer restrictions in shareholder agreements to make sure you have considered your options!



Also, if you are working with or for a start-up and are interested in regular updates from the legal world, check out our event Start-up Stories Night at which we share our experiences from consulting for and with start-ups. Given the current situation and the latest recommendations by the Federal Office of Public Health, we are confident that our next edition of Start-up Stories Night will take place in person on 19 August 2020. If you want to know more click here.


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