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18 November 2020

LexCast: Moving From the Analogue to the Digital World

In this LexCast, we will be talking about LegalTech and its impact on Swiss firms and in particular Swiss law firms. LegalTech is currently rising all over the world and increasingly enters the traditional legal market. With its Focus Area "AI and Digitalisation" Froriep has already delved into the field of digitalisation and now takes a closer look at LegalTech during this LexCast.

Benedikt Schuppli of FQX AG and Céline Spillmann of CASUS Technologies AG have agreed to give Cornelia Mattig, who is part of Frorieps Focus Area "AI and Digitalisation", some insight from their experience of working for two completely different LegalTech businesses.

On the one hand, we have Benedikt who is a lawyer by training but currently functions as co-founder and COO of FQX AG, a Swiss Legal FinTech company. FQX AG built an infrastructure to issue and transfer electronic promissory notes to be used for financing between institutional investors and large corporations. Despite not being a traditional LegalTech company, FQX AG considers that they form part of the LegalTech space. On the other hand, we have Céline who is one of the co-founders of CASUS Technologies AG and in charge of product development and technology.  In 2020, Céline also made the "Forbes 30 Under 30 List" for the DACH region. CASUS Technologies AG is a more traditional LegalTech company that provides full digital access to legal services. CASUS Technologies AG offers their customers the possibility to create legal documents of quality themselves, to digitise their contract templates and to get legal advice online.

Check out our LexCast and listen to what they tell Cornelia about their business and how they see law practices changing.

The podcast is produced by our NexGen Incubator. Stay tuned with FRORIEP LexCast: smart education on the go!

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