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31 March 2021

LexCast: Start-up Stories Night - the Corona Edition

In this special LexCast edition, we will be talking about start-up stories as we are not able to do so at our Spring Start-up Stories Night due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite this slightly different set-up Jürgen Galler of 1PlusX AG agreed to present his company and share three stories with us.

The first story focuses on 1PlusX AGs path to find the appropriate employee participation scheme, resulting in the use of three different programs. Marco Fusi of MLL then puts these three different approaches in perspective and highlights what start-ups should consider when deciding on the appropriate participation scheme.

The second story then looks at contractual challenges in an international setting, which is a key challenge for international agile companies as pointed out by Jürgen and Cornelia of Froriep. The growth and expansion of 1PlusX AG led to them being active worldwide. As a result of its global activity, the business has to tackle compliance and contractual challenges because of the mere number of contracts they enter ranging from data processing agreements, terms and conditions, service level agreements to master agreements. Not only the variety of contracts but also the need to consider the legal framework of each jurisdiction increased the workload of the business requiring them to find a solution to become more efficient in their contract management.

Finally, the third story focuses on the distinction between employees and third-party service providers when using them to upscale the business. Regarding this story, Jürgen and Evelien of Froriep talk about three key issues, namely outsourcing, the distinction between employees and service providers and staff leasing.

Tune in and find out more about Jürgen’s stories and the legal input provided by the other speakers. Also, if you have a story to share or want to know more about any of the discussed topics, check out our blog, LexCasts or simply reach out to us. We are always happy to chat about your stories.


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