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14 May 2020

Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards in Switzerland – GAR's 2020 Publication

FRORIEP's arbitration team has recently published the Switzerland Chapter of the 2020 Global Arbitration Review's publication on Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards. You have received an arbitral award and need to know the next steps to challenge or enforce it in Switzerland? This publication is your go-to kit to identify and understand the key issues in Switzerland pertaining to the challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards.


The GAR's Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards – Switzerland 2020 covers key issues such as:

  • The form of arbitral awards;
  • The grounds and rules for the setting aside of arbitral awards;
  • The procedure and practical requirements for the recognition of arbitral awards;
  • The service of arbitral awards; and
  • The enforcement proceedings and the attachment of assets against foreign states.

With respect to the 2019 publication, this publication features, in particular, two updates regarding (i) the notification and appeal of a deficient (unsigned and incomplete) award and (ii) the clarification of the "appropriate connection" prong of the test under Article 177(2) PILA to attach assets owned by foreign states which are located in Switzerland.

You can download the whole chapter below.

Download PDF

In case you have any questions about this blog, FRORIEP's arbitration team will be happy to assist you.

This article is part of GAR’s Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards Know-how, first published in April 2020. The whole publication is available at GAR's dedicated website.



Photocredit: Unsplash / Bill Oxford

Topics: Dispute Resolution 

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