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26 November 2020

Deadlines Under FinSA and FinIA That Should Not Be Missed

The Financial Services Act (FinSA) and its implementing ordinance (FinSO) as well as the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) and its implementing ordinance (FinSO) entered into force on 1 January 2020. However, due to generous transitional periods, life went on almost as if nothing had happened for most financial services providers.


Yes, these new acts introduced new obligations such as the affiliation with an ombuds office, a supervisory organisation, the registration with the client advisor register or the duty to have prospectuses reviewed. But these ombuds offices, supervisory organisations, registers or reviewing bodies had yet to be established.

Now, this infrastructure is complete. Time to have a look which deadlines are ticking, and for whom:

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Topics: Financial Services 

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