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17 February 2017

Brushing-up the Swiss Arbitration Law

On 11 January 2017, the Swiss Federal Council (which is the Executive Body in Switzerland) published its proposed amendments for the revision of Chapter 12 of the Swiss Private International Law Act (Chapter 12 PILA), which governs international arbitration in Switzerland.

FRORIEP-Brushing-up-the-Swiss-Arbitration-Law.jpgAs stated by the Federal Council, the aim of the draft bill is to "reinforce the attractiveness of Switzerland" as a hub for international arbitration. While emphasising that the Swiss arbitration law al-ready offers very advantageous conditions, the Federal Council nevertheless sought to reinforce such attractive features and adopt a number of "punctual adaptations and modernisations".

We have prepared a PDF for you with the relevant proposed amendments:

  • Form of the arbitration agreement
  • Arbitration agreements in unilateral acts
  • The determination of the seat
  • Multiparty arbitration
  • Disclosure obligation for the arbitrators
  • Provisional and protective measures
  • Decision on costs
  • Correction and revision of arbitral awards
  • Filings to the Swiss Supreme Court

Download PDF


If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact the authors or another lawyer of FRORIEP's arbitration practice group.

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